Morgan Z Doesn’t Want You To Go Without Hearing Of Sigmund Droid (and neither do we;)

Sigmund Droid
Sigmund Droid’s lead vocalist/bassist, Sol Gezari, doin’ his thing

Toilet Records’ suitably dirty bass/drum duo Sigmund Droid released their second album, Maximum Grind, in August of 2009. The album introduced a new dimension to the Sigmund Droid sound by featuring their friend David Tobias, guitarist of the late Apes & Androids. A friend of mine has been fortunate enough to get some practice space at Toilet Records’ studio in Brooklyn where his band (stay tuned…) has apparently been getting some love from another ex-Ape & Android aliased as Morgan Z. Once upon a time Morgan put out a solid remix of Datarock’s Princess, which wound up on their myspace page. Now he’s thrown down an incredible remix of Sigmund Droid’s I Don’t Want You To Go, full of epic bass and dance power I just can’t get enough of. Do yourself a favor and wrap your head with a big pair of bassey earmuffs for this guy:

I Don’t Want You To Go (Morgan Z Remix) – Sigmund Droid

Implied I – Sigmund Droid


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