Rusko Interview @ The 9:30 Club (4/30/11)

It was the just past midnight during the late show at the 9:30 Club on Saturday night. Doorly was groovin’ from a small booth beside the main act’s battle-station, and from the balcony I could see the people on the main floor bouncing in unison as the venue neared capacity. I stepped into a seemingly large, although empty, back room with seasoned English DJ and producer, Rusko. He locked the door with one hand, simultaneously placing his drink on the counter behind him, and we began to talk.


Needless to say, he killed it at the 9:30 Club once again, and I’d be lying if I said nobody got hurt, because someone did. Rusko was forced to host a 10 minute intermission while they took care of that wounded party animal. But he wouldn’t let us go before unleashing a final five minutes of bass-god fury.

Thanks Rusko,

-Matt of Music & Greens, Wednesdays 8-10pm


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