What To Watch For in 2012: Lapalux

“Gutter Glitter” by Lapalux

Happy belated holidays, readers. We’re going to start the new year off by writing posts about artists, albums and events that we’re looking forward to in 2012. So, here’s mine.

Lapalux makes tunes that are all about balance – between melody and texture, flow and mood, catchiness and challenging…ness. His previous EP, Many Faces Out of Focus, was released on Pictures Music, a European label that houses some really forward thinking dance music (see: Dauwd, Koreless). I’ve been constantly spinning those older tracks since I had first came upon them, but recently heard he’d signed to Brainfeeder, Flying Lotus’ cornucopia of flow(endtheory). This track from his upcoming EP, When You’re Gone, plays in the same field as his previous work – this unclassifiable, esoteric blend between hip hop, UK garage, and R&B. The beats stuttery and disjointed, vocals pitch shifted and sampled into something beyond voice. He’s going to have a great year, and I’m excited to see what everyone else from Pictures Music has in store as well. When You’re Gone is out on Brainfeeder Feb. 7th. Below is one of my favorites, the closing track off Many Faces Out of Focus, titled “Time, Patience, Everything.” Hope you enjoy.

-Drew Bandos


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