Disclosure: A Concert Review in Pros and Cons


Last Friday we had the pleasure of (finally) seeing Disclosure live. The UK duo, consisting of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, packed the house for a vibrant show of full of color and sound.

As much fun as we had, neither of us thought the show was without a few drawbacks. Our pros and cons are as follows:


  • It was a very fun and upbeat show! Everyone was dancing and it was nearly impossible to stand still.
  •  It was interesting to note which songs (“Infected”) were actually sung by the members of Disclosure, as opposed to them using samples.
  • The boys played a variety of instruments. From what I could see, they were shuffling between the bass guitar, the keyboard and the synth drums.
  • They played a few new songs which were fun to hear and got the crowd pumped.
  • They ended their set fabulously, with their song “Latch” featuring Sam Smith. It was loud and fun and happy.


  • The set was shorter than expected.
  • They didn’t play some songs that we really hoped to hear, such as “My Intention Is War” and “Blue You.”
  • There could have been more “jamming” and instrumentals in between songs to make them transition better.

– Lotanna and Elyse


2 thoughts on “Disclosure: A Concert Review in Pros and Cons”

  1. So I’m taking the train up to see these guys in Jan. The show starts at 8, but the last train back to DC leaves at 11. Think I’ll get to see the whole show? I’m guessing I’ll have to leave the venue around 10:30.

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