Album Review: Major Lazer – Free The Universe

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It’s official. The Universe has been freed. 

Major Lazer released their much anticipated follow-up to 2009’s Gun Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do after a line-up change that saw the departure of founding member Switch and the introduction of DJ Jillionaire and a hype team including an MC and two dancers.  The 14 track LP boasts an extensive amount of features, from Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend, to rapper Tyga and dancehall reggae artist Busy Signal.

The album as a whole stays true to the Major Lazer genre, dancehall and reggae inspired beats with infectious hooks and an overall ability to make you move that is frankly confusing. (I didn’t notice I was dancing in my chair until about three tracks in.)  The album switches between mellow, social anthems like “Get Free” to very busy tracks like “Jah No Partial” with skillful precision, an art Major Lazer has perfected in their live sets, often changing from top 40 tracks to ballads and managing not to interrupt the flow of the crowd.

Personally, I prefer my Major Lazer to err on the side making bootyshaking songs, because the fact of the matter is they do it flawlessly. “Bubble Butt” and “Bumaye” never fail to get me moving. But, as a person who doesn’t prefer mellow ballads or anthems, Major Lazer also does this surprisingly well.  “Jessica” and “You’re No Good” are songs that I find myself addicted to and are quickly racking up the plays in my iTunes.

Overall, Free the Universe is another solid release from Major Lazer and is definitely worth a listen regardless of your musical preference. 

For the GW Chill Crew: I recommend “You’re No Good”, “Get Free” and “Jessica”

For the GW Twerk Team: I recommend “Jet Blue Jet”, “Wind Up”, “Bumaye” and “Bubble Butt”

But I guess the real question is, which track on this album will end up a Beyonce song? (See: Major Lazer – Pon De Floor and Beyonce – Run the World)

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