[Ghostwriter Post]: Jack Wells – “Halo”


For those of you tired of hearing the same old music, Jack Wells is the answer. Hailing from OC, California, Wells proves through his rhymes that he has what it takes to compete in a new wave of hip hop. Completely mastered by himself and backed by a well-orchestrated Cardiak beat, Wells flow rides smoothly over hard hitting snares, 808s and screaming strings. Halo tells of cars, clothes, girls, and the hard work and dedication that it takes to become the next great thing. However, Wells seems to do it in his own way, adding an electrifying chorus and strong well versed lyrical bars clearly showing his musical creativity. Be sure to tune into Jack Wells soon as he plans to release a new music video to this track as well as drop a new mixtape titled Unofficial.


-Ryan Sickles

Ryan is a blogger and audiophile from Massachusetts, as well as a friend of WRGW. Check out his work from his own site, Yousoundz, and follow him on Twitter @yousoundz.


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