D.C. House Show: Legs Like Tree Trunks, Is And Of The, Nic Lawless and more- August 4th

Let’s be real, none of us can guiltlessly afford that $20 Rock and Roll Hotel ticket.

House shows are it, readers. House shows are a great way to connect with music lovers in the area as well as support regional and touring bands looking for a break. And every once in awhile, a house show is where you can see an artist before they land those pricey gigs down the street– and so is the case with one this weekend at the Grasshaus. Experimental / Indie / Shoegaze / Good ole Rock n’ Roll. Each act has something vastly different to offer, so you can bring that friend that always says, “Yeah, I don’t know, I’m just really into chillwave right now.”

The Details

August 4th,
1531 8th St. NW (Shaw/Howard Metro stop)
8:00 PM
$5– all proceeds go right to the artists.

See you there! And, as the concert host says, “be cool, bring your friends, no haters ♥”

Legs Like Tree Trunks

Is And Of The

Nic Lawless


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