Bands to Watch: The North

The North is a fairly new London-based duo who have already been able to put out an impressive self-produced demo of their song, “Violent Heart.” With a wide range of musicians involved, such as guitarist Phil Renna (has gigged with Mumford and Sons) and the London Youth Gospel Choir, their sound is self-described as “dark ambient pop.” An apt description, this demo is definitely catchy, but it’s also tinged with tones of despair and the expectation of an optimistic future, giving the song a fullness that most pop songs can’t capture. Check out the demo in the video above or visit them on Facebook–with a new music video coming out in a few weeks and upcoming demos, they’ll definitely be on my radar.

Si Chen


Published by: Si Chen

Si Chen is the Co-Blog Manager of the WRGW Music Blog and the DJ behind the show, It's Libertango. She is a sophomore majoring in computer science and minoring in music (and unofficially, existential crises). She can never figure out where the commas go in quotes and hopes to one day work in either software engineering or with multimedia. Be sure to check out It's Libertango on Thursdays from 2-3PM for radness and rambling.

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