Shows We’re Stoked For: Gringo Star @ The Black Cat 6/18

Credit to CincyGroove
Credit to CincyGroove

Going to shows at The Black Cat backstage in the middle of June is a commitment; what you sacrifice in sweat and personal space, you usually make up for with kick ass lineups and dedicated fans. Tomorrow’s bill, featuring the Atlanta bluesy psych band Gringo Star and the seemingly omnipresent, constantly touring NYC band Ski Lodge is no exception, and will no doubt deliver just the right amount of grit and perspiration every good summer concert needs.

Gringo Star is still fresh off their 2013 album Floating Out To See, where the band cemented their garage sound while hurdling into new territory, with creative songwriting and organic production that the band took on themselves. Their press packet says of the album: “Floating Out to See plays like a long-forgotten polaroid excavated from the bottom of some mysterious thrift-shop bin, scanned into a computer, emailed to your smartphone and Instagrammed with a nice washed-out filter—a shimmering post-War daydream plucked from the mid-20th century and dropped wide-eyed into the hyperlinked now.”

If that doesn’t win you over, check out this electrifying live session they did last year for Audiotree:

Ticket and show info can be found here.

Aaaaaaand, check out a studio track, Find a Love:



Published by: Quinn Myers

Quinn Myers is the Music Director at WRGW and a journalism major at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. A seeker of the hot n' spicy, he can usually be found in the campus radio station, napping. After college, he hopes to write long articles on dead musicians. Email him at

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