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New Music From The xx

Alleviate your latest bout of the Mondays with The xx’s latest song, “Angels”, from their upcoming album entitled Coexist, which will be released on September 11th courtesy of Young Turks. Though minimal in nature, “Angels” is complex in its structure and use of restraint. The subtle alternation between clean guitar hooks and faint percussions conveys feelings of hope, longing and slight trepidation. Romy Madley Croft’s soft but direct vocals reinforce these sentiments while also presenting a sense of confidence from being so forthright in her avowals. This exquisite balance of structure and vocals presents listeners with a song that’s both hypnotic and intimate. It’s as if you’re listening to a private confession.

Starting at midnight, you can receive “Angels” upon pre-ordering Coexist on iTunes or the band’s webstore. The album’s full tracklisting can be found below:

1)    Angels
2)    Chained
3)    Fiction
4)    Try
5)    Reunion
6)    Sunset
7)    Missing
8)    Tides
9)    Unfold
10) Swept Away
11) Our Song

The xx have also announced a slew of U.S. tour dates for the fall, which will include a stop at Baltimore’s Rams Head Live on October 30th.

– Joanie O’Sullivan

New Music from Kitten

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these so allow me to reintroduce myself: I’m Joanie. I often refer to myself as The Red Viper of Terror on-air during The Great American Road Trip – my travel-based music show – and Creepin’ it Real, which I co-host alongside DJ Rebecca Blackout (Becca Conrad) and DJ Alicia Thornberry  (Alicia Williamson). Collectively, our “creep”-y little family holds a strong love for cats, so it’s only fitting we’d enjoy the L.A.-based band, Kitten, as fronted by 17-year-old Chloe Chaidez.

Ever since the 2010 debut of their Sunday School EP, we’ve creeped on all things related to the Kitten’s music. This past fall, DJ Alicia Thornberry even had the opportunity to interview the band prior to their show at the Black Cat with Electric Six. Since then, Kitten have scheduled a summer tour opening for The Pomegranates and are set to release their latest EP, Cut It Out, on August 28th. Though there are still a few more months before it drops, the band recently linked fans to two free downloads off the EP, including the title track and another song entitled “Sugar”. The impressive new tracks sound slightly more electronic and sensual than previous ones off Sunday School. However, Chaidez’s mature vocals and the understated indie-pop melody surging beneath them render the songs recognizable to earlier Kitten fans.

According to my iTunes, I’ve already played “Cut It Out” 18 times on repeat so I included it below for your own listening pleasure. Be sure to creep on Kitten’s show at DC9 where they’ll be opening for The Pomegranates on July 26th!

– Joanie O’Sullivan

What To Watch For in 2012: Grouplove and Nadastrom

Welcome to the start of the apocalypse, everyone! With only a mere 11 months before the world’s supposed end, it’s imperative you start scouting for exciting, up-and-coming music to incorporate into your “End of the World” playlists. To help, I’ve simplified this task by listing a few personal favorites whom are set to have a great 2012. Disclaimer: you may already recognize some of these bands/genres as they’re not entirely new to the music scene, but they’re still worth listening to nonetheless.

Grouplove – In an October 2011 interview with SPIN, Grouplove frontwoman, Hannah Hooper, candidly expressed, “We dance and move and scream and sing in a day when people are often sitting and typing […] we’re alive.” Such evidence exists in their self-titled EP and debut album Never Trust A Happy Song, both of which feature exuberant, sunny pop-rock songs reminiscent of summer days and youth. Who wouldn’t want to recall such blissful moments while listening to their “End of The World” playlist? Though it remains unknown when the band will be releasing new material, keep them on your radar throughout the year. Between their upcoming tour, appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Apple commercials featuring their latest single, Tongue Tied, 2012 is set to be a great year for Grouplove. Be sure to catch them at the 9:30 Club supporting Young The Giant this March!

Tongue Tied – Grouplove 

Nadastrom – Considering the explosive success of electronic music last year, I feel it’s only a matter of time before the moombahton sub-genre gains such notoriety as well. More specifically, I suspect Nadastrom, an international DJ act comprised of Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom, will forge its success. Founded in D.C. by Dave Nada, moombahton combines elements of Dutch house music and reggaeton with serious emphasis on heavy percussions, layered vocals and extended build-ups. Speaking from personal experience at Nadastrom shows, I can attest that this combination of sounds will likely (and by “likely” I mean “definitely”) induce some terrible, embarrassing dancing on your part – perfect for celebrating the possibly impending apocalypse! This year alone, Nadastrom has already performed with the likes of Rusko, Diplo, Steve Aoki and more as part of the Holy Ship! cruise. However, the duo will also be headlining Australia Day 2012’s Courtyard Party with support from Yolanda Be Cool and more. For those interested in attending a local show, check out Nadastrom at U Street Music Hall’s upcoming Moombahton Massive XII on February 15th. They will be headlining with support from Sabo, Heartbreak, Munchi and Jen Lasher.

I!! – Nadastrom 

– Joanie O’Sullivan


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