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Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 2013: Scattered Memories

Photo Credit: BEMF

Photo credit: BEMF

The dust has settled. The last of the overpriced beers have been consumed, the worst of the collective comedowns negotiated, the final cigarettes extinguished. The sixth annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (BEMF) wrapped up a few weeks ago (November 8-10, 2013) and with its end, a whole host of established and rising musicians, all uniquely talented, made their presence known in New York City.

But that’s now. Time to go back a couple of weeks, and capture a few moments that made this festival experience special. Staff writers Joey Giaramito and Sarvesh Ramprakash bring you: the BEMF 2013 Experience.

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Language Separates Divinity From Self: A Conversation with Mowgli

I first heard about Mowgli through a frenetic Google search for Mount Kimbie. Having just purchased my tickets for their upcoming show with Holy Other, I was digging through press mentions when I came across a cryptically named Dummy article.

The hip hop artist making spoken word poetry from Mount Kimbie tracks. Intrigued, I dug in, and what I listened to absolutely floored me.

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“Flamboyantly percussive”: a chat with Blacksmif

Blacksmif (Yemi Olagbaiye)

Blacksmif is a London-based up-and-comer in the ever shifting, mutating world of UK bass. His EP, “…And The Sun Rose Out”, dropped on Synchronicity Records in March of this year, and caught the attention of the Grand Old Tastemaker herself, Mary Anne Hobbs:

I spoke with Blacksmif (real name Yemi Olagbaiye) earlier this year via email about his music, creative impulses and future directions. Sorry for only posting it now, but better late than never, right? ….right?

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Bloc 2012 updates

So, as some of you may well be aware, the second day of Bloc got cancelled due to crowd control issues. Rhythm Factory and XOYO London picked up the slack with last-minute shows featuring several of the Bloc artists scheduled for Saturday, and Fabric with its own live sets (including Cobblestone Jazz at 4am).

I’m in London for the next two days, attempting to meet up with some of the Bloc and other artists. Stay tuned!


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