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  1. Hey guys was wondering if you could plug this on your blog.
    This event is happening this Thursday night.

    we have series of bi-weekly events not too far from the school, would love to get some GWU students into electronic music.



  2. Midnight Hike’s CD Release Party @ Rock and Roll Hotel in DC on Sat, Feb 26 w/ special guests The Cheaters, The Method and Power Pirate.

    Midnight Hike serves up a refreshing concoction of highly potent alt-rock songs with a tasty pop finish. Veterans of regional and national touring bands, these six characters blended their musical histories into this righteous cocktail that goes down easy and begs for another. One jam led to another, small gigs led to larger ones, neighborhood shows led to regional festivals, and a 3-song basement demo led to their first album “Long Way From Yesterday” co-produced by Frank Marchand (Bob Mould) and Warren Boes (All Mighty Senators). Midnight Hike’s music is deeply rooted in their belief that it should take you to places that you may not otherwise venture…kinda like a hike…at midnight.

  3. Grammy Award Winning Producer Jeff Bova who has work with Celine Dion, Meat loaf, Micheal Jackson has just produced Jordan Perez’s songs check them out.


    Digital Playboys

    Digital Playboys was brought together by Grammy Award winner Jeff Blue is a multi-platinum music producer, A&R executive, songwriter, and lawyer who is currently Artists and Repertoire consultant for Atlantic Records. Notably known for “discovering” and signing Linkin Park, Macy Gray, and The Last Goodnight. In addition to signing Limp Bizkit and Korn, he has written hit singles for artists such as Hoobastank, Syndicate, TLG and has produced numerous platinum movie soundtracks & major label albums resulting in more than 130 Million record sales worldwide.

    All songs were co-written by Jeff Blue, Mike Gonsolin, and Jordan Perez…

    It was a TRILL and Privilege to work with Jeff and Mike, they both are beyond talented, and they were really cool and made me feel at ease which encourage me to let go and help co-write and co-create the dubstep…which was surreal as you may imagine…Thanks guys!!

    Jordan Perez

  5. would love if you could play Jordan’s music… he is still High School….there are no High School radio stations :)….

  6. Paisley Powered

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